9614 Norwood Blvd

 3. Norwood Blvd

Norwood Boulevard, 111th Avenue, has always been an important commercial district for the city. The east end bends north to become Fort Road, which roughly corresponds to the old Fort Trail that linked Edmonton to the East.

A well travelled route, the avenue grew into a thriving commercial area serving the needs of area residents and travelers alike. Perhaps its most regal moment came in 1978 when residents lined the avenue to see the visiting King and Queen parade its length en route to the Exhibition grounds.

The building here at 9614 is one of the few remaining original commercial buildings. It is an excellent example of the boom time building that popped up along main streets throughout the West.

Constructed in 1913, the building has been home to many businesses over the years. It largely served the construction industry in the area. At various times it operated as a hardware store, plumbing company and furniture store.

With its unique design, it stands as one of the few remaining testaments to Norwood Boulevard’s early history.