Parkdale Coal Mine

Between 1881 and 1970 more than 100 mines operated along the Edmonton River Valley
The Parkdale Coal Mine operated from 1906 to 1909.
It was Mine no. 0109 on River Lot no. 24 in the Edmonton Settlement.
The underground mine produced 40 tons per day of subbituminous coal.
On Saturday, January 3, 1907 there was…

Norwood Foundry

91 Street and 111 Avenue…
Norwood Foundry  was established in 1922 by Squire Hearn and many of his colleagues who came from the recently closed-down Western Foundry. Five years later, Hearn sold the operation to Ernest Buker, who ran Norwood for 50 years. In the early years most of the work was oriented toward agricultural

Cromdale Hotel

Cromdale Hotel

Once She was Beautiful: A Short History of the Cromdale Hotel
By Jonathan Weller
Published in the May Issue of the Rat Creek Press…
Built: 1954
Original Owners: Don Johnson, Pat Gianonne, J. B Starky
An imposing monument of the area, the Cromdale Hotel stands as a contentious symbol of the changes seen along the