Bill and Anne Hilton

Jimmy Clark’s grocery store was just west of 95th street on the north side there. Jimmy never had a hair on his body. Hewas absolutely bald, no eyebrows, no mustache or anything. He had a grocery store up there. Just west of it was Henry’s Donuts. He was on 96th street, a house on the corner. And he made donuts, honey dip donuts and people in the evening would line up to get them. Gooey sticky things, but everyone loved them.”  – Bill

“I used to shop with my mother at Alberta Avenue Trading. Mr. Gogek ran that store. He had a huge business supplying food to the coal branch in the Edson area. He was a great humanitarian because he let a lot of people buy on the dole. We didn’t have enough money to pay. He kept track of it. There were at least 60 other families he was helping. He was funny. He was a Russian Jew, a real heavy accent. A tremendous man in many ways but gruff, rough, he hid a very soft heart by that rough exterior, cause he was very kind.” – Anne



Anne’s Mother

Helping at Home

Bill’s Family

A Life on the Avenue
Work (Bill)

Teen Club (Anne)

Working at AGT (Anne)

Alberta Trading Company


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