“The Avenue from the 60’s to the 70’s didn’t change at all. It was always the same. Just the odd store would close, and another one would open. Then after that, it started getting…. In 1982 my dad died, and we had a big supermarket. It was right here where our store [Avenue Trading Post] is now. Safeway started opening up until midnight at that time, and the bills were just unbelievable. We couldn’t compete. My younger brother put some old speakers out and we noticed that within a month, he was making more than we were with the groceries. Lots more. So we decided to close down. We started selling old stereos and radios and speakers and stuff.”


Early Years and Coming to Edmonton
Growing up in Italy

Flying to Edmonton

Fathers First Business: Grimaldi’s Grocery

Business Changes: From Grocery to Pawn

Mother’s Impressions



Looking Back


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